Student Scholarship

Western Central Chapter (WCC) likes to support graduate students from their region that are studying planning-related fields.  WCC offers support through a student scholarship described below.

WCC Graduate Student Scholarship

Purpose: The purpose of the WCC Graduate Student Scholarship Program is to financially assist graduate students majoring in urban, rural or regional planning or a related field. The student must reside within the WCC-APA Chapter region.

Related Fields: Fields relating to urban planning include geography, public administration, urban policy or urban studies, environmental planning or other related fields approved by the WCC Executive Committee

Scholarship Amount: $500 per applicant (Note: The WCC Executive Committee has budgeted for $1000 per year for this scholarship).

Application: To apply, the student shall complete the application form listed below and submit it to the WCC President ( for consideration. The WCC Executive Board will consider the application at their next regular meeting, or via e-mail discussion, and the President will notify the applicant of the Board’s decision. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

WCC Graduate Scholarship Application