MPO Senior Planner – Cheyenne, WY

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MPO Senior Planner – Cheyenne, WY

SUMMARY: To supervise, assign, review, participate and perform professional level work in the field of
transportation planning; and to provide information and assistance to agencies and individuals of the Cheyenne
Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), developers, the business community, and the public on
transportation planning, land use planning, socioeconomic data, and related matters.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Receives direction from the MPO Director. Serves as the assistant MPO Director.
Supervises MPO planners and technical staff and/or temporary help in the Director’s absence.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following duties and responsibilities are illustrative of the primary
functions of this position and are not intended to be all inclusive.

• Assist the MPO Director with administrative duties in association with the MPO.
• Perform technical work involving the gathering, evaluating, manipulating, and reporting of data for
transportation and planning purposes and the preparation of this material in report and graphic format.
• Undertake varied assignments in the fields of urban and transportation planning which requires skills in
research, surveys, computer modeling and methods, and graphics.
• Develop assigned studies with independence and be able to correlate factual information into
comprehensive reports, model input/output, and graphic formats useful in formulating transportation
and community plans.
• Manages the projects of the MPO Unified Planning Work Program.
• Collect, compile and make computation regarding transportation and traffic planning including the effects
of development proposals, zoning, subdivision, and other land-use regulations.
• Collect, compile and disseminate historical and projected socioeconomic data for in- and out-of-office use
for the public and governmental agencies.
• Attend inter-agency and department meetings and conference to develop transportation planning
strategies and procedures; serve as liaison with outside agencies and other City/County/State
Departments associated with the Cheyenne MPO.
• Provide support and assistance for the activities of the Cheyenne MPO.
• Prepare plans in conjunction with other agencies for the development and redevelopment of
transportation corridors so that land use and transportation demands are satisfied.
• Prepare technical presentations and supporting materials for transportation planning and regional
planning studies.
• Answer questions and provide information to the public on transportation planning; research
information; interpret data and explain regulations to citizens; and assist with inquiries pertaining to
transportation planning.
• Assist in preparing staff reports for the Cheyenne MPO Committees and Planning Commission(s);
participate on various committees and advisory boards as directed; undertake research; prepare reports
and maps.
• Assist in preparing and/or updating elements of the Cheyenne Area Master Transportation Plan and
Transportation Improvement Program.
• Utilizes computer based planning programs in assessing and forecasting traffic flow and congestion
conditions; determine and recommend the development of highways and roadways and other modes of
transportation consistent with studies.
• Maintain existing computer programs and data and assists in developing new and more effective
applications of these programs.
• Compile socioeconomic data such as existing land-use, traffic counts, census, etc. and make analyses of
current conditions and compile appropriate statistics.
• Help develop forecasted land-use and other socioeconomic data for transportation and other general
planning purposes.
• Conduct meetings on planning and transportation issues and interacts with the public within a group or
individual basis.
• Work with personnel of other departments and agencies on complex studies and assignments.
• Attend meetings as required and keeps records of meetings and assists in the administration and support
of the committees and other on-going programs.
• Coordinate closely with transportation stakeholders to assist with and organize community projects and
events that promote transportation choices
• Oversee and assist the MPO’s public involvement specialists to do regular social media and blog posts
about active projects
• Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

• Monitor program compliance with laws, rules and regulations related to provision of planning, and
related services.
• Attend technical meetings, conferences and seminars related to GIS and transportation planning issues
and developments.
• Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned including conflict resolution within areas of

QUALIFICATIONS: The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities
required to perform the necessary functions of this position.

• Knowledge of principles and practices of urban transportation planning and development including
current literature, information sources and research techniques.
• Knowledge of principles and procedures of current, comprehensive planning.
• Knowledge of budgeting and contract administration.
• Knowledge of Laws underlying general plans, zoning, land divisions, and Federal Transportation rules and
• Knowledge of Geographic Information System.
• Knowledge of modern office methods, practices, procedures.
• Skill to write technical reports.
• Skill to operate computer equipment, advanced computer software, GPS equipment, and traffic counters.
• Ability to perform the full range of professional level work in current, comprehensive and transportation
• Ability to perform work independently in the absence of supervision.
• Ability to analyze and compile technical and statistical information and prepare technical reports
including graphic displays.
• Ability to respond to difficult and sensitive requests and inquiries from supervisors and the public.
• Ability to read and interpret mapping and survey data, site plans, zoning codes, legal descriptions and
related information.
• Ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions.
• Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
• Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted during work.
• Ability to effectively interact and communicate with others.
• Ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Safe driving principles and practice.
• Ability to operating computers, copiers, and related office equipment.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Equivalent to a Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university with
major course work in urban or regional planning, transportation planning, traffic engineering, public
administration, or closely related fields or closely related field; and 4-6 years of increasingly responsible technical
experience in the field of urban planning, transportation planning including at least 2-3 years of supervisory and
project management responsibility.

CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Possession of American Institute of Certified Planners certification or
other related certification preferred, or in progress.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Work closely with others in an office environment utilizing a computer and other office
equipment with some occasional outdoor work involving data collection and observations.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an
employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. While performing the duties of this job, the
employee is required to maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for making
observations, communicating with others, reading and writing. The employee is also required to maintain physical
condition necessary for operating office equipment, walking, standing, kneeling, repeated bending or sitting for
prolonged periods of time.

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