Community Development Director – Minot, ND

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Community Development Director – Minot, ND

Under the direction of the City Manager, the Community Development Director supervises and
oversees the activities and operations of the Department including planning and zoning, building
plan review and inspection, and code enforcement. The Director develops and implements departmental
policies and procedures, responds to inquiries and requests relating to the City’s community
development programs, reviews status of major projects and provides technical and professional
guidance and assistance to other City departments as needed.

➢ Provide administration and oversight in all aspects of the Community Development Department’s
essential program and division responsibilities, including but not limited to current and longrange
planning, comprehensive planning, zoning and land use policies and planning, building plan
review, building inspections, code compliance, permit processing, affordable housing and community
livability and resiliency.

➢ Develop, interpret and administer applicable codes and ordinances, ensure compliance with
Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations, and draft code provisions or
amendments to correct deficiencies or effect compliance with new laws or regulations.

➢ Define development review processes and procedures to promote divisional areas of responsibility
and provide oversight of the Development Review Team.

➢ Determine and implement change improvements to processes as need to become more efficient,
transparent and customer service oriented.

➢ Review annexation policy and procedures surrounding the extension of Two-Mile Extraterritorial
Area for potential improvements and develop plans or programs to satisfy future needs for Department
or City services.

➢ Develop, monitor and manage annual budget to assure the department operates within budget appropriations.
Prepare annual and long-range budget projections and evaluate and administer comprehensive
fee schedule for department activities.

➢ Develop organization-wide and department wide goals and objectives and organizational performance

➢ Perform personnel duties such as selection, motivation, development, training, evaluation, discipline
and discharge of employees. Establish employee performance standards, counsel employees
as appropriate and promote and implement manager and supervisor development activities.

➢ Advise various councils, boards, commissions and elected officials in department related issues.
Serve as City’s liaison with other City Departments as needed, the Development Community, Home
Builders Association, Minot Area Development Corporation, and other stakeholders.

➢ Serve as a member of the City’s Senior Management Team to address overall policy issues
under guidelines established by the City Council and the City Manager.

➢ Represent the department to various committees, commissions, community groups, City Council
and the public. Respond to complaints, concerns and issues. Coordinate and support a wide
variety of advisory commissions and groups. Represent department on City-wide task teams. Represent
the City on regional and state-wide committees and in legislative matters.

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