2017 New Mobility West (NMW) and Community Builders (CB) Technical Assistance Projects

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Twice a year we offer a limited number of technical assistance opportunities for communities located within Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado. Through our technical assistance program, we provide local leaders the tools and information to build prosperous, livable communities.

We are currently accepting applications related broadly to transportation through our New Mobility West initiative, and applications for assistance related broadly to community planning and economic development through Community Builders assistance.

We are now accepting applications for New Mobility West (NMW) and Community Builders (CB) technical assistance projects. Applicants are encouraged to contact Jillian Sutherland (970.928.3411 or jillian@communitybuilders.org) before submitting their application.

Applications are due May 5, 2017.

New Mobility West Technical Assistance Application

Community Builders Technical Assistance Application

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